How do I change an asset while working a ticket?


Asset Details

At times you will receive tickets that have only the device model, or even the wrong model of device attached to the ticket. In these cases, you can change an asset on a ticket by clicking Change under the asset details panel.


From here search for the correct asset by its room, serial number or asset tag. Once you select the correct asset you will need to select the correct Issue Category and Issue for the updated asset. 


Change Ticket Type

Also, you can change the Ticket Type (Software/Online Systems, Other Request, Provisioning, Network/Wifi). Under the asset details panel click the arrow next to the Change button. Next, select the ticket type that the ticket needs to be updated too. 




 Exchanging an Asset on a Ticket

You can quickly swap hardware that has been lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair by using the Exchange feature. This is intended to provide a quick method of assigning out new devices to users without having to navigate out of a help ticket. Click the Exchange button under the assets details panel. 


A pop-up window will appear. From here you can update the current status of the previously assigned device, and make a comment to explain the reason for the exchange. As well as look up the replacement device by either its room, serial number or asset tag.


Once you've exchanged the asset, three things will occur. The new asset will automatically be assigned to the previous asset's owner, an exchange action will be noted, and a comment will appear in the timeline.


Unlink Asset from Ticket

If you need to completely remove the asset from the ticket, select the Unlink button. This will remove the asset from the ticket. 



 Tickets Without an Asset/Software

Tickets that do not have an asset or software attached will have the option to Select Asset. Also, you can change the ticket type (Software/Online Systems, Other Request, Provisioning, Network/Wifi) by selecting the dropdown arrow next to the select asset button. 


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