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This guide is designed to provide Administrators an overview of the following Calendar topics in Incident IQ:

  • Step-by-step guides on creating calendars and events.
  • How to edit and delete calendars and events.


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  1. General Information
  2. Adding a New Calendar
  3. Adding an Event to a Calendar
  4. Editing/Deleting a Calendar
  5. Editing/Deleting an Event


General Information

Administrators can add, edit, as well as delete calendars and events in Incident IQ. To access these features simply use the left navigation bar to and select Administration > Calendars.


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Adding a New Calendar

To add a new calendar in Incident IQ, select New Calendar on the left-hand side of the Calendars main page.


You will now see the Add Calendar window. From here you can name the new calendar and select a color scheme.


You can also create an event (or events) for the calendar at this time.


If you prefer to add an event at a later time, you can skip this step by selecting the red Trash icon on the right side of the window.


This will remove the event portion of the calendar creation and allow you to create just the calendar itself.


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Adding an Event to a Calendar

To add an event to an existing calendar, select New Event near the top right of the main Calendars page.


This will open the Event Properties page. From here you can name the event, select the calendar you would like to add the event to, and finally add the beginning and end dates of the event.


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Editing/Deleting a Calendar

To edit or delete a calendar, simply select the one you want to make changes to from the list of calendars on the left-hand side of the Calendars page as shown in the example below.


This will open the Edit Calendar window. From here you can edit both the calendar name and color scheme.


You also have the option of deleting the calendar entirely by selecting Delete This Calendar. Please note that both the Calendar and all events associated with it will be permanently deleted during this process.


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Editing/Deleting an Event

To edit or delete a calendar event start by selecting the event in question on the Calendars main page as shown in the example below.


This will open the Event Properties window. Here you can edit the event name, the assigned color scheme, as well as change the event's start and end dates.


You also have the option of deleting the event entirely by selecting Delete Event.


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