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This article is designed to give administrators and agents with the appropriate permissions a general understanding of the following topics:

  • Creating, editing, and deleting ticket templates
  • Automate ticket generation for recurring tasks
  • Giving users permissions to use select templates for quick tickets
  • Apply templates during bulk ticket submission

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  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Ticket Template
  3. Using Ticket Templates
  4. Editing/Deleting Ticket Templates
  5. Sharing Ticket Templates with Other Agents
  6. Scheduling Automatic Ticket Submissions
  7. Applying Templates to Bulk Ticket Submissions



Ticket Templates allows administrators to save preconfigured ticket details for use in quickly creating new tickets. These can be used in a number of ways including, but not limited to:

  • Allowing administrators to give certain agents, such as tier one tech support, access to premade ticket templates for use in quickly submitting tickets for themselves or other users
  • Setting up schedules to automatically generate tickets at specific times throughout the year for recurring tasks and projects
  • Apply templates during bulk ticket submissions to quickly generate tickets for large groups of devices, such as for end-of-year device collection, inspection, and repair

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Creating a Ticket Template

To access the Ticket Templates page, select Tickets > Ticket Templates on the left navigation bar. To create a new ticket template clicking on the Add Ticket Template in the top-right corner.


From here, you can begin entering in the ticket template information. First enter in the name of the ticket template. Next, is the Ticket Issue section, you will need to fill out the following: 

  • Ticket location 
    • Optional: Enable Submit for Multiple Locations and select the locations. This will submit the same ticket for all locations selected. 
  • Issue/ Asset - select the issue or asset this ticket is concerning. 

The next section, Ticket Details, allows you to enter the ticket subject and add an issue description.


Finally, the Workflow Details allows you to add actions to the ticket template. Click on Add and the select from the list of actions. 

Add the actions Requested By and Requested For to be able to select who is submitting the ticket and who the ticket should be submitted on behalf of. This gives you the ability to submit tickets for other users when using the ticket template.

  • Requested For action: the user submitting a ticket using the ticket template will have the option to select who the ticket is submitted for (on behalf of). The same user submitting the ticket template will be assigned as requested by (submitted by).


  • If you do not set the actions requested by and requested for the user submitting the ticket using the template is captured as both, requested by and requested for.


Lastly, at the bottom of the template you can choose whether the ticket will process through your rules list. If you want to use the workflow options listed to assign tickets certain SLAs, or to certain agents/teams, then you will most likely want to select Do not process any more rules to prevent this information from updating due to your when created Rules list.


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Using Ticket Templates

After creating the ticket template you can quickly and easily use that template to submit a ticket. Click on New Ticket. On the first step of the ticket submission process you see the section Start with a Ticket Template. Here, is all the ticket templates that you have access too. 

Click on the specific ticket template you would like to use to submit a ticket. Next, will take you to the ticket template screen. Make any changes that are necessary. Click Submit Ticket. Your ticket has been submitted with all relevant information and all actions have been applied to the ticket. 


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Editing/Deleting a Ticket Template

To edit or delete a ticket template begin by clicking its name on the Ticket Templates page. This will open the Ticket Template Properties page. From here you can edit the ticket template. Click Save at the bottom of the page. Also, in the bottom right corner you can delete the ticket template. 


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Sharing Ticket Templates with Other Agents

You can give select users the ability to apply ticket templates during the ticket submission process as a way to submit quick tickets. To do so, begin by clicking on the specific ticket template.

This will open the Ticket Template Properties page. From here, select the Permissions/ Sharing tab near the top of the page. Here, you can share this ticket template with other users and teams using the drop-down menus. Once selected, click on Add.


Now, whenever these users go to submit tickets they will see this ticket template available as an option underneath Start with a ticket template.


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Scheduling Automatic Ticket Submissions

To set up an automatic ticket submission using a ticket template begin by clicking on the ticket template. This will open the Ticket Template Properties page. From here, select the Schedules tab near the top of the page. Click the Add Schedule button in the top-right of the page.


This will open the Schedule Editor window. Next, choose the frequency of your task using the options listed to the left.  Depending on your selection, you'll then need to decide on specific times, days, dates, and months for when you would like your ticket to generate. When done, click Apply. Please note that you may add as many schedules to your ticket template as needed.


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Applying Templates to Bulk Ticket Submissions

To apply a ticket template when submitting tickets in bulk, begin by selecting one or more assets in any asset view. After selecting your assets, click on Other > Submit Tickets.


In the pop-up window, check the box next to Use an existing template? in the top right corner. From here, simply select which ticket template you want to apply on your ticket submissions. This will update your data fields in the window to match what is saved in the template. After reviewing the data, click Update to submit your tickets.


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