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The following guide is designed to provide agents and administrators with step-by-step instructions on how to check-in / check-out an asset in Incident IQ.

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  1. Accessing Check In/Out
  2. Checking Assets Out
  3. Checking Assets In

Accessing Check In/Out

To access the check-in/out feature select Assets > Check In/Out from the left navigation bar.


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Checking Assets Out

To check an asset out to a user you will first need to navigate to the Assets Check-In/Out page. From here, use the search bar to pull up the device.

Next select the user to check the asset out to by using the search bar underneath Check Out To.

After you have made your user selection, click on the Check Asset In button to finalize the check-in process.

When the asset information updates you will now see the selected user as the asset's current owner.


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Checking Assets In

To check an asset back into district control, you will first need to navigate to the Assets Check-In/Out page. From here, use the search bar to pull up the device in question.

Once the asset has been located, select the Check Asset In button. This will return control of the asset to the district.

Once a device has been checked back into district hands, you will see the asset information history update, shifting the device back to the Unassigned status. In this manner, the device ownership can be tracked easily and reliably across the entire school system.


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