Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to give Staff and Faculty users a general understanding of the following topics on managing your Incident IQ account:

  • How to access your profile.
  • How to change your profile picture.
  • How to change your login password.
  • What to do if your account information is incorrect.
  • How to manage the notifications you get through iiQ.

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Guide Index

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  1. Managing your Profile Page
    1. Changing your Profile Picture
    2. Changing your Assigned Classroom
    3. Changing your Account Password
    4. Changing your Account Information
  2. Managing your Notifications


Managing your Profile Page

To access your Incident IQ profile simply click on your username at the top right corner of any page and select My Profile.


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 Changing your Profile Picture

From your profile page select Change Picture located underneath your current profile image. Select the image file you want to upload from your local desktop. 


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 Changing your Assigned Classroom

You can change your assigned classroom in Incident IQ from the Assigned Rooms section of your profile page. From the search bar, you can add or delete assigned rooms as needed. Once you are done, select Save Assigned Rooms to update your room information.


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 Changing your Account Password

It is possible to reset your Incident IQ account password from your profile page. If your district is not integrated with an SSO, SIS, or AD app, you can reset your account password by selecting change password in your Profile information section as pictured below. Simply enter your old password, new password, and then save.


If your school district uses the Password Assistant app, the Change password option will not appear in the profile section. Instead, a new section will appear titled Password Reset History.


Depending on your district's settings, you can reset your password or setup/edit your password recovery questions regardless of system integrations. In addition, you can also review all password resets performed for your account as well.


If at any point you experience an issue with changing your password you should contact your local IT administrator for further assistance.

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 Changing your Account Information

In most cases, Requestors are unable to change their account information in Incident IQ due to district settings or system integrations. If you find an error with any of your displayed info, please contact your local IT administrator for assistance.

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Managing your Notifications

Incident IQ can be set up to send you a notification every time a ticket associated with you is either created or updated. You can access these settings by clicking on your username on the top right corner of your screen and selecting Options.


This will bring up the Options window. From here you can make changes to your notifications. 


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