Tags - Creating and Applying Tags to Tickets

Guide Overview

The following guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators a detailed overview on the following topic(s):

  • Creating and deleting tags
  • Utilizing Tags through using rules
  • Adding and removing tags within a ticket
  • Filtering tickets by the tag filter


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  1. Creating and Deleting Tags
  2. Adding Tags Within a Ticket
  3. Creating Rule for Tags
  4. Filtering by Tags


Creating and Deleting Tags

You may want to add tags to your different types of tickets that are submitted. Administrators have the ability to create Tags only for tickets. Begin by clicking on Administration > Tags on the left side bar.

At the top is the New Tag field. Enter in the name of the Tag. Next click the + button to add the Tag. You can edit the name of the tag and delete the tag with the icon to the right of each tag. 


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Adding Tags Within a Ticket

It is simple to add and remove tags while working a ticket. Under the Info panel at the top right of the ticket click on Tags. Next you add any additional tags from the defaulted list as well as remove existing tags. 


Additionally you can create a new tag when working a ticket. Simply start typing out the new tag name and select Create to add the new tag. This will create the new tag and add it to the ticket. 


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Creating Rule for Tags

Use the rules engine to automatically add the tags to tickets. On the left side bar select, Administration > Rules. Here you will create a rule to add or remove a tag to a ticket. Click on the + Create New Rule button. Name the rule and add a filter for the ticket. Next add the action for the tag (add or remove).

Please see the detailed guide on managing rules.


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On any Ticket view you can filter the view by tags. Click on the filter button at the top right corner. Then search for the filter Tag in the pop up window. Select which tag you would like to filter by. 

Please see the detailed guide on Custom Views and Filtering.


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