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The following guide is designed to give the reader a strong understanding of Incident IQ and how to utilize it when sending devices into Virtucom for repair.


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    1. Introduction to your Dashboard
    2. Submitting a Device to Virtucom for Repair
    3. Commenting on Tickets
    4. Completing the Repair Process
    5. Canceling a Repair Request
    6. Resending a Device to Virtucom


Introduction to your Dashboard

When logging into Incident IQ, Virtucom users will immediately go directly to their dashboard. From here you can see the list of tickets assigned to Virtucom repair.

All tickets with units sent to Virtucom for repair will be listed here. Any ticket in this list with a checkmark beside it has been resolved by a district Agent and is considered closed.


Clicking on any ticket will open the ticket flyout which will give you access to general ticket and asset information, as well as the ticket timeline and the comments section.


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Submitting a Device to Virtucom for Repair

When a district Agent determines that a device needs to be sent out for repair they will ensure that the Incident IQ ticket is started and the reported issue confirmed.


Agents will then click on the Submit to Virtucom button located in the asset details section on the right-hand side of the ticket page.


At this point, Incident IQ will send out a request for Autotask to generate a repair order. A Virtucom employee will then pick-up the device during their next pick-up and delivery date.

warning.pngImportant Note: In the event that an Incident IQ ticket has not been started or the issue not confirmed, Virtucom personnel will need to notify district personnel to correct the issue.

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Commenting on Tickets

Your primary method of communication to district Agents and Requestors will be ticket comments. Using comments you can post status updates, attach files or images, as well as request further information from either the district Agent or Requestor.

Ticket comments are located in the Ticket Timeline in the bottom-left of the ticket page.


To add a comment to a ticket simply click on the Comment button above the ticket timeline.


In the comment box, you can add your message as well as attach a file or image as necessary.


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Completing the Repair Process

When Virtucom repairs a device, they will then make any necessary comments on the Incident IQ ticket and deliver the unit back to the location indicated on the IIQ ticket. The district Agent will then receive the device from repair and click on Resolve to close the ticket.


Important Note: Completing an Incident IQ ticket is the sole responsibility of the district Agents. Virtucom personnel should never resolve or delete tickets in IIQ.

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Canceling a Repair Request

Currently, if a district Agent determines that a repair request needs to be canceled for any reason they will need to take the following steps:

  1. The ticket cancelation is noted in a ticket comment
  2. The district Agent will Resolve the ticket

Once the ticket has been canceled, it is Virtucom's responsibility to check for any canceled Incident IQ tickets, return any equipment already picked-up, and cancel the associated repair request on their end in Autotask.

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Resending a Device to Virtucom

If a device just received from repair is still experiencing the same issue it was originally sent in for, the following will occur

  1. The district Agent will note the persisting issue in a comment on the ticket
  2. The district Agent will leave the ticket open
  3. Virtucom will check the ticket comment and pick the device up for repair

If a device just received from repair is experiencing a new issue that requires it to be sent back out to Virtucom, the following will occur:

  1. The district Agent will Resolve the current ticket
  2. The district Agent will then create a new ticket for the new problem
  3. Virtucom will see the new ticket and pick the device up for repair

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