Installing the Powerschool Rest API plug-in

Plug-in Installation

Before Incident IQ can access data from your PowerSchool SIS, you must install the application plug-in below within PowerSchool and obtain OAuth credentials. This will allow Incident IQ tp access PowerSchool data in read-only mode only. To set up this plug-in please use the following steps:

  1. On your local computer, create an XML plug-in installation file with the following content, and save the file as "plugin.xml".
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<plugin xmlns="" 
xsi:schemaLocation=" plugin.xsd" 
name="Incident IQ PowerSchool Application" 
description="Plugin for the Incident IQ PowerSchool App ( Powerschool REST API access )"> 
<publisher name="Incident IQ"> 
<contact email="" /> 
  1. Sign in to the PowerSchool admin portal website using your System Administrator credentials.

  2. On the start page, choose System from the main menu, then go to System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration > Install

  3. Enter or select the plug-in installation file you just created (.xml), and then choose Install. The plug-in will appear in the Installed Plugins section on the Plugin Management Dashboard page. Make sure the plug-in is enabled. If it is not, choose the Enable option on the Plugin Management Dashboard page.

  4. On the Plugin Management Dashboard page, make sure that the plugin is enabled.

  5. Choose Data Configuration to view the OAuth credentials that were generated for the plug-in.

  6. Record the values for the Client ID and Client Secret so you can enter these credentials when you install the Incident IQ PowerSchool App.

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