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The following article is designed to give Incident IQ agents and administrators an understanding of the following topic:

  • An introduction to text snippets and shortcuts as well as some common use cases
  • Creating and utilizing text snippets and shortcuts on tickets.


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  1. Text Snippets
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Text Snippets and Shortcuts allow you to save often repeated comments and ticket actions in your own personal library. You can then reuse them on future tickets to perform multiple ticket actions with just a few clicks and even share them with the other agents and admins in the district.

Ultimately, these serve as an important part of any agent or administrators toolbox to make working common tickets as easy and efficient as possible. Some common examples of text snippets and shortcuts you may want to save and utilize include:

  • Troubleshooting steps for common problems requestors experience (computer power issues, printer errors, etc)
  • Common follow-up questions you have for requestors
  • Password reset, grade changes, log-in issue workflows you commonly use to resolve tickets
  • Setting up workflows to document your actions on tickets and then automatically assigning it to the next agent in the process

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Text Snippets

Text Snippets are designed to be used in cases where you may only need to attach a quick comment to the ticket. When creating a new text snippet, begin by selecting Shortcuts on an In-Progress ticket and click on New Text Snippet.


From here, you will need to name your new snippet as well as enter the text you want to save.


Please note, if you would like to make this snippet available for all agents and administrators you can also toggle on District wide at the top right of the window.


Once you have text snippets set up, they become available for use on tickets by clicking on Shortcuts > All Shortcuts and accessing them through the shortcuts pop-up menu.


You can also quickly access them while adding a comment on a ticket by clicking on the Text Snippet button as well.


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Shortcuts are designed to be used in cases where you want to have a fully fleshed out workflow to add multiple actions to a ticket all at the same time. When creating a new text snippet, begin by selecting Shortcuts on an In-Progress ticket and click on New Shortcut.


From here, you will be able to build out your shortcut workflow by using the Add Action on the bottom left of the window.


Please note that you may add as many actions as you would like in this section to support whatever workflow you would like to automate. For example, if you wanted to setup a shortcut to support working password reset tickets, you could create a shortcut that applies a comment, a resolution action, as well as sets the status to resolved all at once.


Additionally, when setting up text snippets and shortcuts you have the ability to share it with other district agents and admins simply by toggling the District wide button on at the top right.


Once you have shortcuts set up, you can access them by clicking on Shortcuts > All Shortcuts on an active ticket. This will bring the shortcut selection window where you can search for all of your own shortcuts, as well as any shared throughout the district.


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