Optimizing your Incident IQ configuration to provide remote support 

It is important to establish clear and consistent policies for requesting and providing support when distance or remote learning activities must take place. We suggest receiving inquiries or support requests from parents and students via established email channel(s). You can find a help article that covers these configuration options here: Managing Email-to-Ticket Options.

  • Districts may have helpdesk agents monitor inboxes and submit tickets on-behalf of users.
  • Another option is to have parents or students submit requests to teachers and allow teachers to log into Incident IQ and submit tickets on-behalf of the student user.

Having agents or faculty members submit tickets will prevent potential login questions from users who typically haven’t logged in for support such as parents and students. This also helps to drive accurate model and issue selection so rules continue to route tickets to the correct departments.

We also suggest ensuring that knowledge base articles are up to date. Please remember that KB articles support external url linking; so it is a good time to double-check those links and maybe add some ones. Help content regarding knowledge base management can be found here: Managing the Knowledge Base.

You may also want to leverage the “Announcements“ app to share messages with your technical staff and faculty users within Incident IQ. There is a short screencast recording that shows how to install and configure the Announcements App linked here.

There will likely be scenarios where you need to alert users of potential delays or need to provide additional instructions for certain types of tickets. You can utilize “Information” type custom fields in tickets to post specific messages to requestors during ticket submission. Here’s another short video demonstrating new custom field setup.

If you’re utilizing SLAs, you may want to update your iiQ calendar by adding any school closure dates as events with a type of “break” to pause that SLA clock.

We are happy to help with any needed adjustments to email inboxes, routing rules, knowledge base, user permissions and teams.

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