How do I enable write back actions to deprovision and disable devices with Google Devices integration?

The Device Action features allow districts to disable, re-enable, and deprovision Google Chromebook devices directly from the asset details page in Incident IQ. In order to enable this feature, you will need to make some changes in both the Google Device integration as well as in user permissions.

First , begin by navigating to the Google Devices app management page by clicking on Incident IQ Apps > Manage in the left navigation bar, followed by clicking on Manage on the app listing.


Once you are in the Google Device management page click on the General Settings tab.


At the bottom of the General Settings tab you will find the Write data back to Google section. Check the box next to Write device status to Google to enable status write back in Incident IQ. Click Save. 


A re-authentication is required when enabling this write back functionality. Click Ok and login to your Google to re-authenticate. The system will then ask if you want to give the user account reading your Google device information the ability to also write back Google device data. Click accept.


Once you have enabled you will next need to give the user, or users, that will utilize this feature the permissions to do so. This can be done by either enabling the permission directly on a user's permissions page, or applying it to a group of user's through a custom policy. These permissions can be found under the App Specific section and include:

  • googleDeviceData: Deprovision Device
    • This includes the following Google Devices Deprovision Quick Actions. 
      • Different Model Replacement
      • Retiring Device
      • Same Model Replacement 
      • Upgrade Transfer
  • googleDeviceData: Disable Device
  • googleDeviceData: Enable Device


Once the above steps have been completed, admins and agents with the Write Device Status permission can now disable, re-enable, deprovision, and reprovision devices directly on the asset's details page.


When using selecting Deprovision within iiQ, you will then need to select from the following Google Device quick actions:

  • Different Model Replacement - Upgrading or replacing your device with a newer model of the same device. 
  • Retiring Device - Reselling, donating, or permanently removing the device from use. 
  • Same Model Replacement - Hardware issue was encountered on a device and it is being replaced with the same model or a like-model replacement for a repair vendor/ manufacturer. 
  • Upgrade Transfer - Use if your are replacing your Cloud Ready devices with Chromebooks within one year. 


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