Setting up E-mail-to-Ticket Functionality

Guide Overview

This guide is designed to give Incident IQ administrators an overview of the following Email-to-Ticket creation related topics:

  • Identifying what email address you will need to send emails to in order to create tickets
  • Site Options you will need to enable forwarding and/or guest email-to-ticket creation
  • Setting up an account for a forwarding address and sending in a request to iiQ to allow the use of forwarding


Setting up Email-to-Ticket Functionality

Incident IQ supports Email-to-Ticket creation to give users a secondary method of submitting tickets outside of logging into the web portal. To generate tickets from emails, users can send an email to address provided in the auto-generated rule in the when 'From email' trigger section. This email address will be in the following format:

  • tickets@[district Incident IQ domain]

Please note, you can change this username of this address. Additionally, you can set up rules to allow other emails addresses to generate tickets, but they will need to follow the following standard:

  • [desired username]@[district Incident IQ domain] (example:


If you want to forward emails from an existing email, you will need to go to the Site Options page and disable the Strip Email Signatures and Forwarded Content option at the bottom of the Tickets section. 


If you want to allow users that do not have accounts in the system (parents/guardians, community members, guests) to submit tickets, you will also need to enable the Allow Remote Support Tickets via E-mail option and set a Remote Support Ticket E-mails - Default Location in Site Options as well.


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