How to reassign tickets when an agent is out of office?

Agents can reassign tickets to another agent when they are out of office for a certain period of time. Please note, each individual agent will have to go and set their out of office period. 

On the dashboard, at the top right corner click your name. Next, select the My Profile option in the dropdown menu. 


Under the section Out of Office Periods, click the add icon. First, select the From and To dates as well as times of when you will be out of the office. Next you can add a reason. Lastly, select the other agent or admin that tickets need to be reassigned to during your out of office period. Tickets that are assigned to you based on rules will now go to the agent or admin selected.  

Once your out of office period has ended, all routing rules will proceed as normal and new tickets will be routed and assigned to you. 


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