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  1. New Hire Experience 
  2. Site Options
  3. Custom Fields


New Hire Experience 

The new hiring dashboard makes it simple to provide the new employee with the necessary steps, information, and forms to complete the hiring process. First, the new hire will receive a welcome email. The welcome email will have the necessary steps that the new hire will need to complete. Also in the email will be a link to begin their onboarding process.


Clicking on this link will take them to an authentication page. An email will be sent that contains their access code. Here they will enter in the access code.


Next they will be directed to their New Hire Dashboard. First they will be on the Overview page. Here they can see the necessary steps they need to complete to be fully onboarded. There is a comment section on the overview page. If the user adds a comment here this will add the comment to the parent ticket. 


Each onboarding step is populated by the different subtickets that are generate when the original parent ticket is submitted for the new employee. The new employee can add comments if needed on each step. These comments will be added to the subticket for that specific step for the agent to review and respond. 

Please see the help article for more details on creating and applying subtickets. 


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Site Options

There are four site options for the HR onboarding process. On the left side bar click Administration and then Site Options. Under the HR Onboarding section are the options that control the content displayed on the new hiree's dashboard. 

  • New Hire Dashboard Confirmation Text - When onboarding is complete, the confirmation message displayed to the New Hiree. All subtickets and parent tickets have to be completed for this message to display. 


  • New Hire Dashboard Intro Text - this content will display at the top of the new hire's dashboard.


  • New Hire Dashboard Pending Text - When onboarding is pending, the message will  displayed to the New Hiree.


  • Show go to your dashboard button - When onboarding is complete, show a button that directs the users to their dashboard.


Also, you can add your districts logo in the top left corner of the new hire's dashboard. Upload your logo under the Settings section in site options.


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Custom Fields

You can add custom fields to each step of the new hire process. For example, if you need them to upload a file on a certain step, you can add a custom fields for a file upload.


Another example would be if you needed to add informational content. Please see the help article for more details on how to create and add custom fields.


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