Why do I see "tobedeleted" on user data sent over by our SIS?

The “tobedeleted” status that you may see when looking up user data in Incident IQ is another word for “inactive” and is utilized due the specifications set forth in the OneRoster standard. Specifically, OneRoster says the following regarding inactive accounts in an SIS:

"Status - all objects MUST BE either "active" or "tobedeleted". Something which is flagged "tobedeleted" is to be considered safe to delete. Systems can delete records that are flagged as such if they wish, but they are not under any compulsion to do so. In v1.1 the enumeration value of 'inactive' was removed and so for backwards compatibility all such marked objects should be interpreted as 'tobedeleted';"


Please note that if a user account is marked as “tobedeleted” in Incident IQ data then you will need to update the user account in your SIS integration to an active status. Otherwise, Incident IQ will not update the user's information during SIS syncs (if you are using SIS data for role and location mappings.) For instructions on how to do update user within you SIS please consult the support resources of your specific SIS.


For additional information on the API standards of OneRoster please consult the following link below:


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